Monday, April 28, 2008

Shane K. Smith|Se7en South|Sierra Leone|HAJUSOM

Here is a letter that was sent to me by our good friend Shane K. Smith.

It is actually a letter that he received from a German Documentary Film Company that found the video that he produced featuring our somg Sierra Leone - Great work Shane!!

We will be anxious to hear more about this project.


Sierra Leone is a worthy cause to support so please watch the video and support the cause. These kids need our help.

Se7en South


We are a Documentary Film Production Company which produces films for German TV, schools, institutions, universities and the international film market for TV and movies that are concerned and engaged in people's rights. Moreover, our goal is to provide people who are less fortunate and those whose human dignity is violated, with their freedom to express through the films that we make.
We are planning to produce a documentary which deals with teenage African refugees who are suffering from hunger and violence and fled away from their country and came to Germany to seek and fight for asylum. The protagonists are actors of the theatre group HAJUSOM in Hamburg., which was founded by three german female regisseurs eight years ago.
Through Myspace, we have come across your film footage, which we found very interesting and would like to ask, if you would like to participate in this documentary?
The young actors of the Hajusom theatre group (coming from Togo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, or Uganda) will be filming their everyday life with their own small cameras until approximately November – so they are constantly keeping a kind of video diary. Through their shots they intend to show how their life in Germany is like, what they are feeling and what their dreams are.
The concept of the documentary is to combine these shots of the young refugees in Germany with the material you – among other people from all over the world – send us from yourself and the place you live.
So, if you would like to participate, your task would be to send us film footage of your home country, which will become a part of the documentary. We will install a private online video-room, to which only those will have access, who are participating in the documentary. This online-room will make it possible for everyone participating to exchange film footage and messages. As a matter of course, you will receive film footage from young people from Africa or Asia, who came to Germany to seek and fight for asylum and you will be able to exchange opinions with them. If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to ask.
We would be really glad, if you liked to participate for the next months until the end of the year.
Have a nice day and we will be hoping to hear from you soon.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shane K. Smith and Se7en South - A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Shane K. Smith is not only a Professional Pro Frisbee Player, Shane is also an avid video editor who has produced several featured videos which used the music from Se7en South's Alblumo Duo CD. Thanks to Shane's talents you can see and hear some of the Se7en South songs on My Space, You Tube, Google and other video upload sites. One such video features Se7en South's song "Sierra Leone"

Sierra Leone is a haunting melody that focuses on the blood diamond trade and the human suffering that the people are made to endure. Se7en South's music and Shane Smith's video talent certainly prove that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Go here to see the video on AOL ===>

Friday, March 21, 2008

There were plenty of Irish drinking songs

St Patrick's day 2005 - A day of infamy in the history os Patte's Sports Bar. when the band Se7en South came to play that night. It was certainly not an Irish potato famine and the Guiness flowed like water. Like the onld Irish joke about "What is the most dangerous man in the world... an Irishman with a 6 pack" a party soon ensued. It started with Irish drinking songs and another pint of Irish Red Ale and the next thing you knew there were people daning on top of the tables in the booths and hopping from one to another. By the end of the night the damages were totalled and Se7en South was banished into the night, told never to return.

But return they did on St Pat's this year only this time the boys had to promise to be on their best behavior. They decided on a few accoustic sets.

Well the Guiness flowed and the crowd limbered up as the band began to play precisely at 8pm.
By 9 the crowd was singing, that Guiness was kicking in.

People were soon dancing in their booths and table hopping began again. Round 2 had just begun.

As the band gained stream the crowd just roared and soon the waitresses where chiming in. It seemed as if St Patty's day from 2005 was revisiting Patte's Sports Bar again.

If you were there we appreciate your spending your evening with us. If you missed us, you missed a great party. And to those who asked - yes, I did find my brain.... It was in a bowl of cold water with bite marks and fur all over it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

notes from the edge

March 4, 2008.
Woke today to a great telephone call from se7en south drummer Nick Prokopchack. Nick is in Bagdad serving our armed forces. We had a few good laughs about his last visit in PA and how we are looking forward to his safe return in several months.  He was diggin' the new album and pleased with Pepper Watkin's drumming abilities.  We used much of the time to talk about upcoming projects and how we should team up when Nick is back state side. (I'm looking forward to that).  In speaking to the others they enclose their love to all and we each ask fans and friends far and near, whisper some good thought over Nick , and hope the only sand he encounters is that from the little guy that helps you close your eyes at night. Good night Nick- keep in touch. and Love to all
Kevin McG

Friday, February 29, 2008

Se7en South Finds An Oasis In The Desert

Recently Se7en South, the band got the 'nod' from Oasis Disc Manufacturing. The news release stated that their song 'Kentucky Diva' had been chosen for Oasis' Country Radio Sampler volume VIII - #1 compilation CD.

"It is quite an honor to be chosen" said "Guitar" George Stuscavage.

Oasis chooses songs that they consider to have marketability from thousands of artists and then compiles those choices into various genres to be promoted to select radio stations. Just good country songs with good country music lyrics.

Included in this year's Country Music selection were Katie Clark & The Green River Band, Amy Arton, Keno James, Gary Richey, Nick Joseph, Andy Simmons, Genuine Nick, Outlaw Lynn, Tracy Stefans, Lacey D, Scott Dale, Jeromy Goodnight, Dave Rudolf, Chris Bellamy, Pistol River, Shiny Johnson, Kevin Kimes & Beaune Road, Matt Stivers, Randy Thompson, The Wasteland Kings and Se7en South.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Canadian Film Industry Shows Interest in Se7en South

At a recent Se7en South post production party held at the Mt Airy Resort and Casino (, Kevin McGroaty told guests that he was extremely pleased with the results of a 3 week work session with George Stuscavage at fellow band member, James Frushon's Savannah, Georgia studio.

This opportunity all came from our second CD, Alblumo Duo and was picked up as a demo by the undisclosed Canadian film production company based in Toronto, specializing in "made for TV movies." We received a telephone call in January asking us if we would be interested in producing 2 or possibly 3 original pieces for consideration.

"It is an honor to be considered" said Stuscavage, lead guitarist for the band.

The band's second CD is produced by Socially Awkward Schoolgirl's Records and is distributed by has received some international interest with sales in Canada and Europe.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Se7en South - Pilot Truck Stops - Guerilla Marketing

What do Se7en South, Pilot Truck Stops and Guerilla marketing have in common? I guess that is similar to asking the famous old children's question od animal, vegetable or mineral and trying to figure out the similarites and the differences which make up this unusual symbiotic relationship.

In this case we have the band "Se7en South" whose music has a wide range of sounds running the gambit of country love songs to blues, easy listening, some rock and jazz. I guess what I am trying to say is that Se7en South has a little something for everyone.

Next up to bat we have meeting places called "truck stops" where hundreds of average, everyday working class people stop and fill up or grab something to eat. These folks are called "trucker". Truckers by and large are a nice friendly group of guys and gals who spend at least 10 (ahem) hours a day on the road hauling heavy loads in all weather conditions.

So the guys at Se7en South came up with an idea to help spread the word in a non-conventional way using guerilla marketing techniques and strategies and go to where their audience is and it started with the local Petro truck stop and the Pilot truck stop where band members were handing out CD's, Socially Awkward School Girl Record T-shirts and Se7en South hats and the response was outstanding.

Truckers from as far west as California and as far south as the Carolinas have emailed in saying how much they enjoyed listening to to the CD on that long ride. One gal even wrote "You guys are hot."

We at Se7en South want to say thank you and we appreciate your comments and the next time you are on Route 81, slide our CD into your player and .... TURN IT UP! we have a song for you.